Fill Your Home and Your Heart With JOY!


You didn't get this far by accident; You've conquered all sorts of obstacles to arrive at this point.…..Yep, that's me too! I bet you're a deeply passionate and caring person; you see what's going on in the world and only wish you could do more to help, I know I do!
Your Space
Your home is gorgeous, or at least it's getting that way. Or perhaps you are starting fresh with decorating a new home.
Fine Quality
You get that quality is important and that your choices have a huge impact in helping the artist community thrive. Willing to pay more for the finer things in life, you definitely don't wont crappy mass-produced art from a box store.
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You want something unique - with a story. Something special you can be proud to own and show off to your friends.
That's where I come in...
I'm Callie Gray, an award winning international artist, and I create vibrantly colorful canvases that I'm passionate about. I want you to get who I am, because my art is infused with my thoughts - my history - my joys - and - my pains.
People tell me my art is “happy art” or that…”it’s so beautiful, it draws me in”. Well I hope it draws you in, because I want you to love it, I want it to speaks to you, to have a spiritual dialogue with your soul!
Stress-free Art Shopping
I want to get that piece of art into your home as stress free as possible, which is why I offer a seven day money back guarantee. Isn't that awesome! For all the details just click on the link that says 'Guarantee'
I also currently have FREE SHIPPING (US only) Please allow 7-14 business days to receive your work of art. For shipping costs to other countries see the Guarantee / Shipping link